Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On App Development & Stupid Reviewers: A Rant

The Back Story:

I recently reviewed an app called To-Fu: The Trial of Chi over at TriForce Radio. As games go, this one was really fun, cute and enjoyable to play. I will likely play it again as well as have my nieces play it next time I see them. It was the free app of the day for 5/18/12 on Amazon's Appstore so I got a paid app for free. That was nice. When I enjoy a good game I like to post a review to help the developers in selling the app. Since I couldn't sleep I jump on the Appstore to post a review to do the developers proud. I think the game is on par with Where's My Water, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Well, when I got there I read some of the other reviews. There was a very large number of low ratings including a massive amount of 1 star ratings. It turns out the reason for these poor ratings for the most part where due to two different reason. The first is simple enough. The game did not work on certain phones. I can sympathizes with those people, but poor ratings usually does nothing for correcting that problem. Emailing the developer does more. But despite that stupidity there was a greater level of stupidity shining forth in words that shall be forever immortally live on thanks to my screen shots (for some of them at least).

An Explanation:

You see, in the To-Fu game there are two OPTIONAL in app purchases. Both are $0.99. One unlocks all levels at once so you don't have to play through them to get to the next level. The other is called Golden To-Fu. It is much like the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds. If the play gets stuck on a level and wants some help, by invoking the Golden To-Fu the level is completed perfectly. Again, to be perfectly clear, BOTH ARE OPTIONAL. The game itself is normally $0.99. So if you where to buy all in app purchase in addition to the game your total cost would be $2.97. I've spent more for a burger and gained less satisfaction from that then I did from this game.

The Stupidity: 

So the primary complaint about the app can basically be summed up like this. HOW DARE THE GREEDY DEVELOPERS CHARGE ME FOR SOMETHING I DON'T REALLY NEED TO PLAY THE GAME ESPECIALLY SINCE THE GAME WAS FREE TO BEGIN WITH!!! As you can see form the screen shots, that was a summary, but a somewhat fair one.

The Problem:

The problem is that these idiots have no clue. They think all developers are greedy so and so's who are out to rob them blind. Ranting about dishonest business models and how awful these people are. The fact of the matter is those people are worse then the supposed demonic developers they are cursing. I have seen people waste money on things of less value then this game and do it happily. The majority of these bad reviews are from people who got the damn app for free anyways. These people are so greedy, self centered and ignorant that they whine that the developer is offering an OPTIONAL in app purchase if someone just so happens to be lazy or just wants to play more casually. While they are doing this they think nothing of the TIME and the MONEY the developers themselves have sacrificed to make this game. The best part is that the developers didn't make these sacrifices for these whiners. They made them because they were investing. They were taking skills they had learned and translating them into a good that others would pay MONEY for. This is called economy. By working they hope to make money. Much like I write because I hope to gain money from my efforts. So to me, the problem is not the developers. They simply are trying to achieve the dream of financial independence. It is fun to note that the makers of this particular game are a small company, not the huge corporation that some would have you believe. 

Your Thoughts:

Now you have heard my opinion and rant. What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Think I'm nuts? Do you think there is a solution to this problem? Is there a problem at all? 

I'll be honest, all comments are welcome so long as they are not abusive or foul. I will not delete an comments because you disagree with me so long as you follow the above guide lines. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Other Screen Shots:

Please note, all of these comments were posted on a public forum. I have not edited these comments in any way. 

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